Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Exists to worship the Name of Jesus through song, liturgical dance, instruments, and acting. People can get really worked up about worship styles. For many people, having the right sound in the worship music is the big deciding factor over whether a church is good for them or not…..yes, we have great music at Breakthrough Worship Ministries….but God wants a personal relationship with YOU!!


School of Education

Exists to teach people about stewardship and the importance of sacrificially giving of one’s time, tithe, talent, and offering. The School of Education also provides workshops and trainings on servant leadership and financial accountability.


Life Groups

Consist of 10-15 people who meet weekly in different parts of the city at different times during the week to discuss real life issues. Visit our life groups’ page to register for a life group near you!


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Exists  to promote and facilitate prayer and fasting among individuals in order to foster spiritual renewal and transformation of families and communities.